Earth Hour

An hour of darkness, an hour to save the earth. An hour of darkness, for a brighter future. The earth hour.

The earth hour was launched by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Sydney, Australia in 2007. This global initiative sees the cities of the world to turn off their lights to create awareness and to save the world together. This great initiative encourages people around the world to be more aware about their daily habits of what they are doing, how they are using the utilities of their beautiful earth. An hour of engagement makes people more aware of their daily activities.

Generally, Earth Hour represents that an hour to remind everybody of this beautiful Earth that they have some duties toward it i.e. where they are living. After launching it by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), every year on March 30 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm (exactly an hour or 60 minutes), people around the world turn off their lights to support this movement and above all to save this planet earth, our home. Some says, it is recommended to turn off any switch that will do no harm, the one turned on without any use is a must as it is a movement against wastage or excess consumption. In many countries, governments also take huge steps on the Earth day to raise awareness among its people and to save the earth.

According to some reports, year after year, the temperature is only increasing. This is a very bad news for every living beings residing on this earth. In this situation, the movements like Earth Hour is a big hope for all of us. In this modern world, as we are burning more fossil fuels, emissions from vehicles, factories etc. all these harmful gases like carbon-di-oxide, methane, mercury etc. are destroying our environment as well as causing damage to our health. In this global emergency, campaigns like Earth Hour are so crucial if we want to save our only dwelling home.

First sight of Earth from moon.

At this point if the question comes, what is the use of switching off lights for an hour in a whole year? How this will have an effect? How many are going to follow it? How it will work out to save our treasured home?

Well, every year, so many people around the world participates to make a change and they are changing the world. People are becoming more conscious of their future world.

If a person takes part in The Earth Hour by switching off the lights and others, at that time he/she may feel or think that how much energy are wasted by them each day. They will understand that it is very important to conserve energy, it is time to become more conscious about protecting our world. And if after that Earth day, that person starts switching off the switches that are uselessly running for an hour or two every day, then when the next Earth Hour comes i.e. in a complete year, that person will already save energy for nearly two months and also saved the bills of those two months that is only by preventing unnecessary consumptions. Thus, saving the Earth ultimately. Now if more and more people start to do these i.e. grab hold of these steps on hand, then together, we will be saving a lot of energy. And overall, burning less fuel with causing less emissions of poisonous gases

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Again, seeing one doing great work others will also continue to do the same practice and the number of participating people will increase more. So why not start from yourself? Make others inspired from your deeds. Take an active part by yourself in saving the earth and become a role model to everyone. Again, lessening the use of energy, we are lessening the use of fossil fuels and also lessening the burning of coals. Thus, cutting off the emissions of carbon-di-oxide and others harmful gases. Finally saving our beloved home earth.

Since the launch, the number of participating countries as well as people are constantly increasing. Every year, the Earth sees its people to turn off their lights for an hour. But as an individual, is it enough on us to just turn off our lights just an hour in a year? What about those waters that we are wasting every day? The wastes and plastics that we are disposing every day? Just by taking some simple steps, we can lessen the damage that we are doing to our home earth. Just by saying no to plastics and turning off the tap of running water, by lessening the waste and reusing things, recycling our belongings, we can make our beautiful home even more beautiful.